InFront Audio-Video Footage Policy

  • Please select one of the below, depending on your rights-holding status.

    If you are unsure of your status, you are a non-rights holder.
  • Upon authorization of the domestic rightsholder to the event, I have the rights to film / record audio-video material. I hereby declare under my sole responsibility that all the footage from the event, including the footage possibly received by any third party, shall be technically protected and securely geo-blocked, in order not to be accessible outside the territory of the USA.
  • ATTENTION! I am aware that the access to the event venue with any kind of filming device is strictly forbidden to non-rights holders. I am not absolutely allowed to film and use any part of the event, including (but not limited to) race, qualification round, training, podium ceremony and interviews. I am also aware that no agreement has been reached with Infront Sports & Media AG in order to obtain any filming media accreditation, therefore I hereby declare that I will neither access the race venue with any filming device, nor film or use any part of the event or gather audiovisual material from third parties for exploitation on the above website.

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