Talon Crew volunteers will receive an officially sponsored winter ski jacket and hat with the Birds of Prey logo as part of your 4-day minimum requirement. There are both men’s and women’s sizing and styles. The jackets are usually ordered in February, so in terms of sizing, what we have is what we have.


The earlier you can pick up your jacket, the better your chances of getting the size you desire.  You will be able to try the jackets on for sizing when you pick yours up.

These are highly coveted jackets that only Birds of Prey volunteers receive and cannot be purchased anywhere.  You will receive your jacket and swag when you check in at Volunteer Headquarters. Go to the Volunteer HQ page to confirm dates and times of operation.

The expectation is that you wear your jacket once on course, but for sure no later than the first DH Training Day.  We need you in uniform once the media are there and the TV cameras are rolling. This also helps us identify you when on course or entering the course.

Please note that this year’s jacket will be a technical shell made by Shred Dog, Julia Mancuso’s business. It is an uninsulated hardshell, made to provide elite weather protection and versatility for every condition. As many of us already have a closet full of insulated jackets from years past, we thought we’d offer something different this year. That said, again it is uninsulated, so please layer appropriately for the weather conditions.