Morning check in location and times, breakfast, meet your crew, lunch distribution, and Chair 6 load times.

You will start your volunteer day at the Powder 8 restaurant in Beaver Creek Village, right at the base of Chair 6 Centennial Express. The times listed on your schedule are the time we need you to check-in at the Powder 8.  Please use the doors to the right of the outdoor seating area, next to the Children’s Ski School Entrance. You will need to adjust your departure time from your accommodations accordingly and to allow for the shuttle from the Elk Lot.

After checking in, please proceed to your table.  There will be placards placed on the table with the section names and the name of your Crew Chief. Breakfast will be served in the Powder 8 restaurant. Each day you will have a buffet selection of house-made breakfast. There will be plenty of hearty and hot food available to you at no charge. Be sure to use this opportunity to fill your thermos with hot water, Gatorade and soup.

We ask that you sit at your designated table to give you a chance to meet your Crew Chief and co-workers for the day. Your Crew Chief will review your on-course tasks for the day and as well as safety precautions. If this is your “First Day” with Talon Crew, please make sure your Crew Chief is aware of this. If you are scheduled in the upper arena and need to borrow crampons, this would be a good time to work that out with your Crew Chief. Crampons will be available for check-out at Ford Hall.

Lunches will be distributed from the Commissary, on the lower level of Ford Hall.  Each crew will designate a shopper to go to the commissary and pick up provisions for their team.

Your load time for Chair 6 is 45 minutes after check-in, so don’t get too comfortable as we need you up on the hill.  Have your breakfast quickly and then it’s boot up, suit up, and let’s go.

  • Please don’t leave anything behind at Powder 8 as this space is used by others after we leave.
  • Anything left behind will be picked up and taken to the Lost-and-Found at VHQ.
  • If you are bringing skis up with you, please try to use the racks out on the snow.
  • Be sure to bring a comfortable backpack with you to carry your lunch and hydration and keep it with you during the day. Work with your Crew Chief as to how and where to safely place your pack once you are in your section.
  • The bathrooms are much nicer here than on the hill. They are located at the bottom of the stairs, then take a hard left.
  • Generally, it is best if you deploy from Powder 8 as a group and stay together until you get into your section.