All Birds of Prey Volunteers will be provided free parking in the Elk Lot. If you need any assistance finding any key Talon Crew locations please reference the map resources below.



All Xfinity Birds of Prey Volunteers will be provided free parking in the Elk Lot. This is the lot located near the East Entrance to Beaver Creek. If using the main Avon exit off of I-70, go the 4th roundabout, and then exit using the first right onto Hwy. 6 (Frontage Road) and the lot entrance will be on your left.

Take a ticket upon entering the Elk Lot. Please save this ticket, as you will need it when you exit the lot. When you check out at the end of your shift, the staff will give you a “Get-Out-of-Jail-Free” card. It will look remarkably like the one you took earlier in the day, except it will be validated (free). Upon exiting the parking lot, first, insert the parking ticket you received when entering the lot. The machine will then show you owe $10. Once that message appears, insert the “Get-Out-of-Jail Free” card and the gate will open for you.

Please press the call button on the parking column or call Beaver Creek dispatch at (970) 754-5848 with any issues exiting the lot.

All volunteers will use the BC Bus Service from the Elk Lot to Centennial Station (Covered Bridge). This service is free and operates from 5:30am until 9:00pm with (approx.) 10-minute service and after 9:00pm until 2:30am with 20-minute service.  Make sure you use the dark green Beaver Creek buses as other bus routes also use this stop. When in doubt, just ask someone, or follow everyone else as you are all going to the same place.  The buses will load fully.

Pro Tips:

  • You can also use the Employee buses.
  • The day lot is free if you enter after 1:00pm.
  • Please try to carpool as much as possible, especially on race days.
  • If you arrive late and the Elk Lot is full, you’ll need to park in one of the other lots, or where directed, and pay the $10. Your credential will only work in the Elk Lot.