You will need to stop by VHQ on or before your first volunteer day to pick up your credential, which has your lift access on it. The times listed on your schedule are the times you are expected to load Lift 6.

You will need a lift access in order to load the lifts as Beaver Creek will be open to the public during the event. The lift attendants are required to scan everyone, regardless of time of day. If you have a full Epic Pass or Employee Pass, at your option you may use that. It is often more convenient for you because they have a RF chip and can be scanned without taking them out of your jacket. The lift access that is part of your credential is a bar code and must be shown to the lift attendant. If you need lift access, make sure you get the bar code on your credential before you leave VHQ.

If you have anything less than a full Epic Pass, i.e., 10 day pass, locals pass, etc., be sure to leave that pass at home so that it doesn’t inadvertently get scanned and you burn a day.

As a way of thanking you for your efforts, the free lift access you receive with your credential gives you full lift access to both Beaver Creek and Vail from Fri. Nov. 26, 2021 thru Mon. Dec. 6, 2021. You are welcome to use this pass to free ski on your days off, but please do not do so in your uniform.

The times listed on your schedule are the times we expect you to load Lift 6.  Please, please, please!, do not load before your scheduled times. You will need to adjust your departure time from you accommodations accordingly. We have about a 15 minute window built in to the program in case you are slightly delayed. Proceed to Spruce Saddle as quickly as possible so that we can get out morning meeting started.