We understand that providing good nutrition and hydration is critical to keeping our crew going. Providing food service for a couple of hundred people per day on top of a mountain is also a logistical challenge. Our Food Services Crew works diligently to provide our volunteers with plenty of good quality food and hydration. Each day that you volunteer to be on course, you will receive breakfast and lunch.

Breakfast will be served at the Powder 8 restaurant, just below Chair 6 Centennial Express, beginning at the hours shown on your schedule.  We will be using the public food service area of the restaurant and will be providing house made breakfast burritos or egg sandwiches, oatmeal, etc., and your choice of beverage at no charge using your credential. As the restaurant will be fully operational, you may purchase additional items at your expense. There will also be hot and cold water stations available for you to fill your thermoses.

Grab-and-Go lunches will be distributed from outside of VHQ in the morning. VHQ is located down one level from the Powder 8. Served daily will be fresh made sandwiches (same vendor as last year) as well as Mountain House Adventure Meals , this will replace the soup we normally serve and will give you something hot for lunch. We will also include a selection of chips, cookies, and fruit.  Once we move into sections, we will also have a selection of sausages from Charcutnuvo as well as beef and turkey burgers for you to grill on course.

A plentiful supply of hot water, cold water, coffee, hot cocoa, and sports drinks will be available at the Powder 8 with refills available at the Warming Hut at the Top of Lift 9.  We will not be providing any bottled water as this is the most difficult way to get water to the top of the mountain and the trash it generates is problematic.

Please bring your own reusable beverage container for water or Gatorade. Make sure you fill it up when you can, put it in your backpack and take it with you to your section. The insulated containers are the best because if it is cold out, your liquids could freeze if they aren’t in an insulated container. You are also encouraged to bring a small wide mouth insulated thermos so that you can take some hot soup with you to your section.

Pro Tip:  You will want to bring at least one, or possibly two, insulated thermoses for your hydration needs and for hot water for you Adventure Meals.  The meals take from 10-14oz of water. 


The Warming Hut is located at the Top of Lift 9 – Bird of Prey Express and is available for your use as needed. This is our former “Birdfeeder” and has been repurposed. We will not be doing any food service here as that function has been moved to Powder 8 and VHQ. You’ll want to make sure you have procured your lunch prior to loading Chair 6 – Centennial Express.

We will be providing you a place to warm up and rest along with beverages and snacks. We will be featuring an abundance of cold water, hot water for your Mountain House Adventure Packs, coffee, tea, hot cocoa, and Gatorade, as well as individually packaged snacks.

Please note: It is important to keep eating and hydrating during the day. It is encouraged that you bring your personal favorite snacks or energy bars with you to keep you going between meals. Due to the logistical complexity of this event, we are not able to accommodate special dietary or allergy needs. If you are a picky eater, have a special dietary need, or have any food allergies, you will need to provide food and/or beverages for yourself.