The VHQ is located at Ford Hall in Beaver Creek Village. You will need to stop by VHQ prior to your first shift to pick up your uniform and credential.

All Volunteers need to Check In and Check Out daily. Below you’ll find the check in/out locations and additional information.

Ford Hall is conveniently located one level above the ice rink in Beaver Creek Village.

The hours of operation are set up so that you can pick up your credential and uniform prior to your first shift.


Fri. Nov. 24 – Sat. Dec. 2

6:00am – 6:00pm
Note: If any of these days are your first day, please make sure that you give yourself adequate time to check in and pick up your credential and uniform.

Sun. Dec. 3
6:00am – 2:00pm

You may pick up your 6-day or 9-day gift starting on Thurs. Nov. 30. Thank you!!! Please confirm at the check out desk that you are eligible prior to heading over to VHQ.

All Event Crew Volunteers will Check In and Check Out daily to confirm how many people are on site each day and make sure everyone is off the mountain safely.

Check In is at VHQ at Ford Hall. There will be VHQ staff available to help you with check-in an answer any questions.

Check Out is at the VHQ at Ford Hall. Same procedure as the check-in, where VHQ staff will be onsite to assist.

This is the same system that will be used for tracking the required three-day volunteer commitment and eligibility for the 6 and 9-day gifts. IMPORTANT: If you don’t check in AND check out each day, you will not receive credit for the day.