Photo: Ted Ligety
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A Long Technical Burn

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Giant Slalom is the event characterized as being the discipline requiring the most technical skill as skiers race down the mountain through a faster and more open course than in Slalom, which requires the execution of many short, quick turns.

The number of gates in a Giant Slalom course is determined by the vertical drop of the hill. The event is staged in two runs, with the total time of each run added together to determine the final finish order.

Start Lists + Results


RUN 1: 9:45am  |  RUN 2: 12:45pm

2017 Final Results


2017Marcel Hirscher 2:37:30
2015Marcel Hirscher 2:32:58
2014Ted Ligety 2:34.07
2013 Ted Ligety 2:35.77
2012Ted Ligety 2:25.59
2011Ted Ligety 2:40.01
2010Ted Ligety 2:37.67
2009Carlo Janka 2:29.44
2008Benjamin Raich 2:24.61
2007Daniel Albrecht 2:24.30
2006Massimiliano Blardone 2:27.88